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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is intended to describe how our website may collect and use information from your internet-enabled device and describe how you may opt out of any such collection and use.

Data collection and cookies. Features or partners of our website may collect data including, but not limited to: the number of visitors to our site; the time spent on our site and pages clicked; the types of devices used to access our site; and the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of visitors.  We use this information to improve our website and marketing.  This data is collected by sending cookies to your device.  Personal information cannot be collected via cookies and other tracking technology.  If you previously provided personally identifiable information, however, cookies may be tied to such information.  Aggregate cookie and tracking information may be shared with third parties.  This privacy policy does not cover third parties’ use of cookies.  You may configure your device to limit or prevent access by cookies, such as to notify you when you receive a cookie, to block all cookies or to delete existing cookies.

Partners and features that collect information. Our website marketing partners may include Google Analytics and other analytics programs.

Information you send us.   If you submit your name or contact information to us, we may use it to send you information about our services.  You may opt out of receiving further information from us by notifying us.  We will not sell or give your personally identifying information to other parties for their own direct advertising purposes.

Changes to this policy. We may change or update this policy and will change the modification date below if we do.

Last modified. December 30, 2021

We partner with Thomson Reuters, who might also collect data as part of our marketing efforts. To learn more about the Thomson Reuters privacy policy and the data that might be collected, please visit: Thomson Reuters Privacy Statement.