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Using Life Care Plans to Maximize Financial Recovery

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Firm News |

We represent clients with severe permanent injuries that have life-altering effects.  To maximize our clients’ financial recovery, we work with life care planners to lay out for the jury the cost and consequences of a life-altering injury.  A life care plan is an integral part of improving the quality of life for an injured person.  and Life care planners are typically health care professionals that detail the future medical, surgical, and rehabilitative costs in a catastrophic injury.

A good life care plan is critical in maximizing a client’s financial recovery.  It will lay out the costs of future medical, surgical, nursing, attendant, hospital, and rehabilitative care, prescription medications, and transportation costs for doctor visits.  Where alterations to a home are required these costs are set out in the report.

Jury awards are typically influenced and impressed by hard economic damages.  The thought is that they are making a financial award to compensate an injured person for actual future costs as opposed to more subjective Non-economic awards such a “pain and suffering.”  Life care plans can add millions of dollars to the value of a case.